Trending Open Source Project – NetData

Have you ever been wondering how to keep your web servers monitored efficiently and that it is simple to use? look no further! NetData is a free open source project that gets supported by many talented contributors. NetData is a system that provides a real-time performance and health monitoring of the specified server. It monitors all of the server components such as; CPU, Memory, Disks, Network interfaces and many more, which are displayed on a modern interactive web dashboards.

NetData is a fairly new project written in a secure language named FireHOL, which started in 2016 and is still operational to this date containing approximately 131 contributors who support this project. There are 276 issues in GitHub, most are inaccurate monitoring, bugs and server crashes. Moreover, the project gets frequently patches and updates with new features. What makes this project stand from any other similar type of monitoring applications is that it contains many useful features such as harm alert notification, dashboard Customizations, and multiple servers, which kept monitored simultaneously. Furthermore, Netdata can be used in physical & virtual servers, and IoT devices without losing any performance! It is simply fast and efficient.

NetData runs on Linux, FreeBSD, and MacOS. If you are interested in this project you CAN contribute to it. Find out more about NetData by visiting their website!

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