Release 0.2 – More Bugs!

The Goal for Release 0.2

Getting near the end of the semester can be challenging and almost impossible to complete large bugs, as these take time to get merged. Therefore, my goal for this release 0.2 is to finish as many small bugs as possible on any open source project from GitHub. This is still an improvement compare to what I did in my previous release 0.1, because getting to adapt to any new open source projects can be rewarding as I learn new environments and languages on the go.

So far I have three bugs on the line, which you can check from the button links on the right. I prefer to work on Mozilla open source project but as I have said, my goal for this release is to adapt to new environments and solve as many issues from different projects.

The plan is simple, in order to finish as many bugs as possible with a tight schedule, I will search for issues on a daily basis. If I get stuck, I will refer to the project’s documentation or communicate directly with the bug’s reporter\requester.

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