Best Text Editors – Atom & Visual Studio Code

Finding a good editor is very important tool to any developer to have. I  have come across between 2 great editors: Atom and VSC. Each editor act similarly to one another but I have choose to use Atom as my main editor primarily because I liked the overall design of it and that I could able to customize even more than VSC. 

Visual Studio Code is one of the popular editors to this date. The editor looks professional, and it works well with most of the programming languages. With Code you can download extensions to enhance your coding experience and overall performance is great.


The editor delivers a nice welcome screen. You can right away install packages, customize styling, open projects etc. This is convenient to any developer to dive straight into customizing the best experience she/he could have.


Here are some useful features that you can achieve with Atom editor and the instructions on how to use them.

How to Split screen views – this is helpful when you want to edit multiple files. Here is how you can achieve that.

How to install editor extensions  – you can download the packages via the built in command “apm install” and package name.

How to change or view your editors keybindings  – if you are into keyboard shortcuts then this is for you! you may change or keep the current keybindings in the atom editor.

Favorite Packages

Atom-beautify is a great package to add to your own atom editor. It’s task is to organize your coding lines. I believe this is very helpful specially when writing or pasting lots of code blocks.
Command to install and link: “apm install atom-beautify”

Minimap is another great release package which helps you to navigate  easily trough large amount of source codes! Instead of using the mouse scroll you can just drag the cursor between the minimap on the right panel.





 Command to install and link: “apm install minimap

File-icons is another nice package which adds icons to the file types! This comes in handy when you search through files and don’t want to look at the file extensions.





Command to install and link: “apm install file-icon

Final Verdict

So far Atom is a great editor, It provides all the necessary tools to help developers in writing codes. I personally like the overall UI design and the ability to download many different kinds of packages. There is a large community base that constantly developing free packages for this editor. If you are interested  in Atom editor the download link is down below!

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